Bollywood Quiz

Are you crazy about Bollywood 🎥? Do you think you are the Shahenshah 👑 of Bollywood when it comes to quizzes? Well let’s test it. We bring to you a unique Bollywood quiz, with each level designed to take make you put on the thinking cap and take you on a walk deep down the filmy lane like Sherlock Holmes🕵️‍♀️.

The Bollywood movie quiz contains pictures that depict a scene, a dialogue or a song from the movie. Can you guess the movies just from looking at it?

Hints are available to help you move on if you are stuck. There is also an option to solve a particular level so that you can move ahead with rest of the quiz.

You can also ask your friends if you are stuck.

Made in India, this quiz has all the flavors of Bollywood which will get you hooked instantly.

We have added 140 levels with more to come real soon.

We would love to hear feedback from you. It helps us improving and keeps us motivated. If you love the game, please let us know.


❇️ 140 movies to be guessed

❇️ Hints are available

❇️ Share with friends

❇️ Simple clean UI