Emoji Wuzzle

Guess the emoji🤪 to make a valid English word.

Emoji Wuzzle is a simple word game(or is it ❓) where you have to choose the correct Emoji that fits in the blank and make it a English dictionary word.

It's a fun way to learn or revise your vocabulary skills. You may know the word, but you might not know what a particular emoji is actually called. So it is a two sided sword.

Come, Play and Learn a new word, a new meaning or the name behind an emoji.

The game play is simple. You just have to choose the correct emoji and go up the ladder to touch the roof and finish it all.

Emoji Wuzzle features:

✳️The game is a good exercise to your mind.

✳️More than 500 words to solve

✳️The game has 3 packs: General Words, GRE words, SAT words.

✳️Words are not repeated between categories.

✳️Clean and simple UI with a color scheme that doesn't hurt the eyes..

✳️There are a lot of FREE hint options in the shop. Click "🛒" from the home screen.

✳️You can also ask a friend if you are stuck at a particular level.

✳️To check out more games click on "➕" from the home screen

✳️To check out your statistics and share them, click on "📊" from the home screen.

We are always open for suggestions. Your ratings and reviews are very precious to us, and help us improve and resolve problems. 🙏