Islands is a puzzle game that is based on the Japanese puzzle, Nurikabe.

Nurikabe puzzle is based on pure rules, so this is not a guessing game.

You win if you play by the rules 😉.

The game is a good exercise to the mind and a very productive way to pass your time.

For those who do not know what is Nurikabe - It is an island forming puzzle. You need to make land masses on the board and cover it wholly following the below rules:

🔵Each numbered cell denotes the number of cell in the island cluster.

🔵Island clusters should not be connected with each other.

🔵Cells are connected if they are touching each other, vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally. 🔵The ocean should be connected.

🔵Ocean should not form a pool, i.e. a 2x2 block.

The game contains hundreds of levels. You get coins for each puzzle that you solve, which can be used to unlock next pack of puzzle.

Islands puzzle features:

✳️The game is a good exercise to your mind.

✳️More than 700 puzzles.

✳️Free daily coins to help you unlock levels of your choice.

✳️Check Shop 🛒 for more free coins.

✳️Share your profile and progress with your friends. Click on 📊 on home screen.

✳️To check out more games click on "➕" from the home screen.