Rebus Puzzle

We love brain games. It is so satisfying to stick our mind on something and then get it done. Oh! that feeling.😍

This app is exactly that. Look at the pictures and guess the word.

It's a good pass time, but hey, don't get too addicted. We all know how addictive logic games can be.

Rebus puzzles are essentially little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word, phrase, or saying. So yes they are another kind of word puzzle but quite different from each of them.

We have added 200+ puzzles to start with. Well that will keep you busy for some hours straight. These are simple puzzles, that will keep you engaged.

We have designed Rebus puzzle to be simple to understand and play. And to look crisp on every device.

There are no leader-boards, as we don't want it to be a race. We are already running one in our lives.

So relax, sit back and enjoy the Game.

There is a "How to" section in the application to give you some hint at solving rebuses. Click "More" on the Homepage to get there.

You can always ask for help if you are really stuck. You can ask the app to show a letter, or remove unwanted letters, or solve the whole thing.

You can also share it with friends and ask them if they know what it is, or the logic behind a picture puzzle. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

We are always open for suggestions. Your ratings and reviews are very precious to us, and help us improve and resolve problems. 🙏